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For more than 20 years, Spec’s Charitable Foundation has rallied the beverage industry in support of our annual fundraiser, Vintage Virtuoso. Every year, we celebrate our support of the Houston Symphony and its outreach and education programs by continuing to raise awarenesss of the importance of music as an integral part of a child’s complete education and the growing need for the increased funding of these programs.

As public school funding for music programs has decreased, Spec’s Charitable Foundation has joined the efforts of the Houston Symphony and its programs. Spec’s Charitable Foundation’s Salute to Educator’s Concert was created to honor local area educators and their efforts to enrich young people’s lives through the fine arts and is the only one of its kind in the region. Vintage Virtuoso has far surpassed the one million dollar mark in supporting the Houston Symphony, its outreach program and their community engagement.

Your contribution will go directly towards a fund that honors area educators at the annual free Spec’s Charitable Foundation Salute to Educators Concert featuring the winner of the Concerto Competition, a side-by-side performance with an outstanding youth orchestra and the presentations of the Fidelity FutureStage Awards for Outstanding Music Educators, the Spec’s Charitable Foundation Award for Excellence in Music Education and the School Bell Award.